Affiliate Internet Marketing

What is Affiliate Internet Marketing?

In a nut shell, it’s when you do all the hard work finding the traffic and getting them to buy a product then get paid about 50% of the product price. So where does the other 50% go? It goes to the product owner.
So there are two types of affiliate internet marketing.

1) You as the seller.

a) You sign up to a service like “Clickbank”  if you wish to promote ebooks and information products, or if you are into health and beauty products then I recommend Market Health .
b) Buy a domain name that relates to that product. (Better for getting search engine free traffic and PPC). See domain-name-registration
c) Promote the product. Have people buy the product. The owner of the product will then pay you a   percentage of the product price for your part in the sale. See Traffic Generation.
d) To make this work your payout needs to be over $20 per sale if you are using PPC (pay per click) but the good news is there are a lot of good products that you can sell on any number of subjects.
e) You do not need to be an expert on the subject and the owner of the product will provide all the tools that you need to promote it. Like a landing page, email text, text ads, banners and so on. They should also provide a means for you to track your sales. If they do not provide any of this then look for another product.

2) You as the Product owner

a) You need to produce a product that people will want to buy.
b) Provide a landing page, email text, text ads, and banners and so on. Also provide a means for your  affiliates to track their sales.
c) List your product on “Clickbank” and other such sites.
d) Drive traffic to your product to get the ball rolling then offer the product to others (affiliates) to sell for a percentage.
e) Pay the affiliates.
f) If you have done a good job make a lot of money.

I recommend that you start out promoting someone else’s product until you get the hang of it. Then when you can afford all the techie help to build a product, go for it. If your product is a winner then the money just pours in.

I would like to tell you about Michael Chaney. Michael is an affiliate marketer that after years of trail and error finally nailed it. He produced a product that shows you in simple language how to be an affiliate Internet marketer.

Affiliate Millions

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Michael Cheney takes you through 10 detailed easy to follow videos on everything that you need to do. Each video is short enough to cover all the details and not bore you by going on to long.
Even people who know the “ins and outs” of affiliate marketing will find these insights valuable.
This is most definitely a top-class course that anybody interested in making money should view. It truly is a fantastic start up guide for beginners who are fed up with the confusing lingo and complicated instructions.
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Affiliate Millions