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Larry sellers lebowski

larry sellers lebowski

The assumption is that it was stolen by Larry Sellers, due to a page of his homework being found wedged in the seat. Larry doesn’t say a word when he is confronted by Walter and the Dude at his house. And really, of the cars to steal, the Dude’s crappy El Camino?. "And yet, his kid is a fucking dunce " Picking a favorite character from The Big Lebowski, arguably the funniest movie ever made and. goes crazy on a red Corvette when little Larry Sellers (Jesse Flanagan) doesn't Watch the best The Big.


The Big Lebowski - I'm the Dude Scene (3/12) Allegedly stole The Dude's car and sucks at writing papers. His father, Arthur Digby Sellers, wrote episodes of Branded, the bulk of the series. Larry never. He is an actor, known for The Big Lebowski (), Art School Confidential () and The Modern Adventures of Tom The Big Lebowski Little Larry Sellers. Asa and Amir are both right, but there's yet another twist. The Big Lebowski is a parody of a classic detective film called The Big Sleep, which stars Humphrey.

Larry sellers lebowski - you

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